No upfront costs

Vulnerable areas protected before starting

Sparkling Clean Even After the Installation

Understand Your Rights Per Your Insurance Policy Agreements

A man is installing a metal roof onto a home.

You need your roof fixed. But the insurance claims process is working against you.

When you don’t understand your insurance policy agreements, it’s easy for insurance companies to delay or deny your claim when you need your roof repaired.


Your roofers will also help you through the insurance claims process.

We’ll meet your adjuster when they visit your home.

Ready to answer their questions.

We'll start on your roof with just a construction agreement.

No upfront costs.

You pay when you get your first check from the insurance company.

We’ll keep you updated.

Clearly communicating throughout the whole process.

And we’re clean and tidy to boot!


All crew are in uniform so you know who we we are.


Before starting, we take photos of your entire home looking for vulnerable areas that need to be protected.

Roof Restoration

We remove old shingles and the underlay to check for moisture or structural damage.


We clean throughout the day so your place is kept tidy.

Attention to Detail

Before leaving, we do a magnetic roll twice over the area to ensure that all nails are picked up.

Rest Assured

Find a nail after we leave? We’ll come back and sweep the area again.

We Fix All Kinds of Roofs

Men are hanging in harnesses, installing a roof onto a home.

Residential Roofing

When a storm hits, we’ll make sure the roof over your head weathers it well. Have a leak? Schedule a free, no-pressure inspection.

Commercial Roofing

Roofing problems can put a stop to your business. Don’t let that happen. Get your secure roof.

Apartment Roofing

We get it—roof problems on apartments and rental properties mean unhappy tenants. Our job? Keep your tenants loving you.

Your Roofers - Roberts and Cooper

With over 11 years of experience combined in roofing and the insurance claims process, we’ve got you covered.

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Get help with the insurance claim process and get your roof fixed.

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